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It’s a Monday, the day I dislike most from the week! This morning weather forecast is not great again, black face when she comes in, is this what we call a Menopause?? Damn, that is the downside working with lady boss… well I know I am being stereotyping but what to do? This is what I face almost every other day… My happiness at work depends on her Mood!

Anyway, I am not talking about my boring work life today, I am so eager to share my new buy – my very first Sigma Brush Set. I was introduced to Sigma brush set by one of the blog / video I was following previously and have been doing some research online for the different sets they have. As I am not sure if any of the retail shop in Spore sells this, I decided to buy from my fav online shopping platform – Amazon. I am pretty impressed by the different sets and price range listed in Amazon, affordable for not-so-rich gal like myself! They have full set of different brushes and also essential brush set which is very suitable for beginners or travellers. Even their Sigma Essential Kit, they have different varieties to choose from – Make Me Crazy, Make Me Blush and Mrs Bunny. After comparing the different brushes, I decided to settle on Make Me Crazy where they have all the essential brushes for a newbie like me.

Always love receiving items in my mailbox, feels like Christmas again!

Impress with Amazon so far, the delivery is fast and reliable – Happy customer so far!

(Dont know why this photo keep appearing at the wrong direction even when I changed…. _

A little surprise gift from Sigma! A Eye Liner Brush! Thank you for making my purchase special!

Comes in a beautiful brush holder in my fav color! (Still mastering taking nice photos…)

Powder Brush – Feels very soft!

Contour Brush

As advised by Sigma, I will clean my brushes before using them. Cant wait!

I hope to have a great week ahead!  🙂


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No matter how busy you are, how often you use your brushes, how perfect is your face,

Never underestimate the power of clean brushes…. Well this is what I hear so often.

So well, it took me few months to finally clean my pretty brushes!











Being a Make-up consultant before (heehee only for about a year!), I was taught how to clean brushes. Of course everyone have their preferred way, but I use my Shampoo and Conditioner to maintain my brushes. I have few brushes that have been with me for a least 10 years!! Yes, no joke. Although I seldom wash them, which I promise myself I will do so more often, whenever I clean my brushes, I will do so with my Shampoo and than condition them with my Conditioner. This will leave my brushes clean and soft!

Happy Cleaning!

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Gold bangle, subtle and elegant!


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Well, I am definitely not a Make-Up or Fashion Guru, I am not someone who will follow Fashion blindly. I worship Comfort and Practicality. I dress according to my bodyshape and my mood.


Meeting Client &

Feels like a Lady

Mustard Yellow Dress with Pearl

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Its been couple of days since I last wrote. Just came back from a short trip to Shanghai. Now suffering from exhuastion, dehydration, breakouts and added few more kg!  Damn…. It was indeed a very tiring trip as we walked alot, entertained alot, eat and drinks alot.. lots of drinks…  SH is not what I expected, too modernized…. I will love to see some old style Shanghai, just like those in the movies during the 60s, where there are beautiful ladies in gorgeous CheongSum with super high slit (blood red lipstick), nice Shanghainese Bar, smoking Cigars and Shanghainese Jazz…. Well I see none of these.  All I saw were nice fanciful Italian or French Restuarant, “Branded” goods and Toutings…. Loud peeps walking around me.  Well, still it is a nice City still.

Wanted to post this, (hoping) if there is someone reading and happen that the person like this too.

Found you at last – my Enchanteur

I cant remember when exactly I started using this talc…. most probably when I was like 8yrs old?! They used to have few different choice of smell with different colour of Rose. I tried both Yellow and Pink and still prefer the Pink smell. Lovely smell! So good that you can even skip your perfume! Haha, sounds like I am doing marketing for the talc! They usually come in a pack of 3 (2 big bottles and 1 small) and can last very long. Tried to buy this about 1 year ago, searching high and low, left and right, all kinds of stalls in Spore but still unable to find it. Sad…

Lucky me, I saw this in Cold Storage couple of days ago and this make the unhappy girl Super Happy again!

Happiness is so simple… isnt it?

Happy Friday!

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