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Had a date with my the other half last weekend for a chat, a chat to discuss about our relationship. Well, we had a recent fight so we decided to have a nice meal together and “talk” about our problem….. Which relationship dont have any issue?

So while getting ready for the “date”, I asked him to suggest a venue. Since it is already 1pm, so High Tea will be the best option. With the help of our new bff – Mr Google, he managed to find a nice French influenced restaurant tuck at a quiet corner of Spore. The restaurant is so secluded that the taxi uncle had to drive rounds before we manage to find the small road. Outside of the restaurant is really nothing fantastic, especially it is located below of a budget hotel. A peep inside the restaurant given us a totally different view, especially with all the lovely colourful Macaroons laying out (So Sweet! But no picture… sad)

Stepping in to the restaurant gave me an impression that I am transfer to France in the 70s. Small, simple, cosy and elegant is how I describe the restaurant. Too bad I do not have the chance to take picture but hopefully I will be able to go back soon and do a full review of that beautiful place.

As we have set our mind for High Tea (not too heavy stuff), we decided to have their Breakfast menu. Here some not-so-nicely taken photos for your viewing pleasure!

My fav bubble in nice glassware

Unfortunately, this is the only shot I managed to take from where I am sitting.

The restuarant is pack and I cant be walking around taking photos of others.


Mine – Heehee I know this picture looks abit wrong =P

I swear this is one of the best eggs ever!

So-so only dessert

I really hope I can go back to the restaurant soon and take a better photos of this place as I really feel that I am doing injustice to a fantastic restaurant. Most importantly, I want to try other items on their menu! I LOVE FOOD!!

Stay tune!


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