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A sad Monday

Did I ever mentioned I dislike Monday?  This Monday esp…

Thought I can finally close a group and bring some business to the company but who knows they cancel on me and chosen my competitor instead. Client decides to play me out in an unethical way. Disappointed with people who don’t have integrity but it’s life isn’t it? We will always meet such people. .. we just need to ignore and move on.

After the 1st bomb was dropped on me, received a msg from my close friend who is pregnant with baby twin that her test today shows that the babies don’t have heartbeat. .. This is the second time such thing happened to her, my heart sank when I heard this. This is too cruel… especially to a nice couple like them.

Sometime I do question God…. question why certain things happen…  but still I am a strong believer, I believe that Things Happen for A Reason. I know He has his plan, as always. So we shall patiently awaits for good things for come.

I have recently met up with a mentor, someone whom I think I can look up to, a person who is a close friend to me too. I was sharing with him my unhappiness at work and how it is working with my current boss. I would expect him to show me some sympathey and bitch with me a little coz we both worked with my boss before…. But instead, he tells me something… something which hurts but absolutely true. He says that “No one owe anyone a living… No one owe anyone for an opportunity…. I cant blame anyone for my failing…. I should FIGHT for my own success”.

I have been trying to recall the entire conversation but only these few words keep ringing inside me.

He is very right…. I have been sitting in this office, complaining that opportunity is not given to me…. I blame her for her shitty behavior and her lack of integrity but I dont have the guts to confront her. I dont have the courage to even quit my job so that I can ast least be fair to myself…. Instead, I sit and I complain….

命运掌握在自己的手里 isnt it?

Have a blessed one…


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其实有时后, 不许要那么多的花悄, 简单也是一种美.

只要写出我们的心声, 我们的诚心,或许会有人会欣赏.

*** ****

Sometime blogs dont have to be too complicated…. Simple can be beautiful too…

So long as our words are sincere and are words of our own feeling… One day, someone will eventually like it…

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上个星期六我最爱的小弟終于结婚了! 对于他的这段婚姻,我有很多的感触。。。 但如Rob 说的,这是他的选择,身为大姐的我,是应该支持他的。

当晚,我是Emcee, 任务重大,心情特别的兴奋,感触也特别多,也多喝了几杯 说了不该说的话。。。 事后知道的我,非常内疚,也很伤心。



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I have been thinking… what i really want to do in my life… what do I want to acheive at the end of the day… Am i happy doing what I am currently doing?

There have been many thoughts in my mnd recently…. things which I want to do…

I want to paint


I want to take nice photos to capture each moments of our life


I want to do my own business


I want to help others


I want to love


I want to feel love

I want…

I was meeting my exboss with my current boss yesterday, talking about my wedding… Suddenly, my current boss tells me that she wants to sit with my exboss otherwise, she will not attend… Really? Do i really have to live others life, do what others want and constantly pleasing others?

Who will think of what i want (well other than Rob), but seriously, who else?

I pray for Courage, pray for Wisdom that One Day… One Day i will quit, i will start moving my ass to do what i want to do… Setting up a business which in return will help others… I am thinking of setting a shop selling my fav stuffs and raise money for charity, for people who need our help. To raise awareness that Hey! There are children out there who dont even have what we call Basic Needs! This is what i really want to do now. Am i very naive to have such thought?

I feel the urge, i am so inspired by some of the blogs that i am reading. I know somewhere inside me is waving for changes, waiting patiently for something to change. I feel that I have a calling, i have a purpose in this life that God has given to me…. i feel that He wants me to acheive something, something more meaningful than the so-called corporate life.

Have you ever did something not from your own will? Doing something just to make someone else feels better?

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Bless with Love

Yesterday was another bad day at work…. All I want to do is to have a nice drink with Rob and complaint my unhappiness to him… We went to a new place which we always wanted to try. We found a sit at the Bar and ordered our drinks. And he just sits there, waiting for me to start and he listen…… he shared his thoughts…. he shares his story…. he cracks a few jokes and makes me laugh…. And at that very moment, I feel so loved… I feel so blessed to have him by my side. I so want to Hug him then.

I used question life, asking why it is so unfair….. but i know i was wrong. I know God has his plan…. we live for a purpose, a purpose that we might not know now. I know He is fair and He loves me.

Life is really too short to bitch about things… We dont know when will be our last day….

Cherish – Cherish each and every single day, Cherish our family, Cherish true friends, Cherish our love ones.

Live each moment to the fullest, dont regret, move on. Be thankful.

Thank you for everything.

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Hint hint to shut up

Recently Spore has many scandelous news…. high flyer sleeping with some sales director(S) in return of favors…. some Ministrial officer suspect of over claiming of claims…. and the latest is one of Spore biggest church founder was suspect of misusing church fund worth of millions of dollars! What are we now? This is a joke, someone using the name of God to cheat money?? And there are many “blind followers” happily give their hard earn money to the chuch when the so-called pastor use the money to fund his wife cannot_make_it_singing career?? How shameless can this couple be?

I am a believer but I dont go to church…. Reason? There you see! People are using the name of God and Church for all sorts of agenda. The “holy” people constantly preaching something which they dont even do! I hate hypocrites!!! That’s the reason I dont go, but that does not stop me from believing the almight Lord.  =)

Well, this morning I was having my coffee in my office while reading the news… I start to blah blah blah about the news… gossiping to myself how stupid some people can be… obviously the shameless couple is cheating everybody money and they still so stupid to support them…. And continue sipping my nice Kopi O Siu Dai (Black coffee, less sweet in Hokkein)…. and continue bitching about these people…. AND! I felt a something on my tongue! Eeewe! A strand of short curly hair!! Puke!!!! (fyi, my hair is below shoulder length as I type now).

I believe is a hint that God is asking me to SHUT UP now and stop bitching and gossiping about this!  Ops!

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帅呆了! I can write my blog with my phone!! Woohoo! If anyone will ever read my blog, they must be wondering what’s the big deal?! Hello!! Its a big deal for a IT idiot like me!! Can I add photo? Will try now!


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