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A sad Monday

Did I ever mentioned I dislike Monday?  This Monday esp…

Thought I can finally close a group and bring some business to the company but who knows they cancel on me and chosen my competitor instead. Client decides to play me out in an unethical way. Disappointed with people who don’t have integrity but it’s life isn’t it? We will always meet such people. .. we just need to ignore and move on.

After the 1st bomb was dropped on me, received a msg from my close friend who is pregnant with baby twin that her test today shows that the babies don’t have heartbeat. .. This is the second time such thing happened to her, my heart sank when I heard this. This is too cruel… especially to a nice couple like them.

Sometime I do question God…. question why certain things happen…  but still I am a strong believer, I believe that Things Happen for A Reason. I know He has his plan, as always. So we shall patiently awaits for good things for come.

I have recently met up with a mentor, someone whom I think I can look up to, a person who is a close friend to me too. I was sharing with him my unhappiness at work and how it is working with my current boss. I would expect him to show me some sympathey and bitch with me a little coz we both worked with my boss before…. But instead, he tells me something… something which hurts but absolutely true. He says that “No one owe anyone a living… No one owe anyone for an opportunity…. I cant blame anyone for my failing…. I should FIGHT for my own success”.

I have been trying to recall the entire conversation but only these few words keep ringing inside me.

He is very right…. I have been sitting in this office, complaining that opportunity is not given to me…. I blame her for her shitty behavior and her lack of integrity but I dont have the guts to confront her. I dont have the courage to even quit my job so that I can ast least be fair to myself…. Instead, I sit and I complain….

命运掌握在自己的手里 isnt it?

Have a blessed one…


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最近不知为什么,常常想起 “D”,想起以前在一起的日子, 想起那段日子的朋友,很想知道她们最近如何, 应该还好吧。。。 日子过得怎么了?

朋友        – 想起那时一起工作的日子,其实我们都很开心, 日子过得还算简单,没有那么多的压力。如今我们都长大了,各自过着自己的生活,不知道她们会不会偶尔的想起我,这个老朋友呢?

“D”   – 虽然那时我们都很年青,但不知不觉也在一起8年。。。 是我最长的一段感情。听到熟习的歌曲时,会想到我们吵架时,想起刚在一时,也想起我们最后在一起的日子。知道他和“J”在一起时,难过了好一些日子,心有点酸。可能觉得也许他门才是一对吧,我只是个过客。


Move on with my life…

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